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Turn off the alarm. Let me dream on.

Dream on

By: Ahna

Turn off the alarm.

Let me dream on.

It's been years since I felt your touch,

I think too much.

Your smile is tattooed on my brain,

walking alone I see your face in the rain.

I've watched the sunset but it still feels lonely,

I sit there dreaming of kissing you slowly.

Your smell still lingers on my sheets,

as I listen to my heart skip beats.

My mind weighs heavy with thoughts of you,

stuck in a haze unable to move like a statue.

I can't erase your lips,

I feel you on my fingertips.

You take my body higher,

lighting my soul on fire.

Your eyes are like a spell,

I threw my last penny into the wishing well.

Will the stars realign?

Wishing I could make you mine.

Turn off the alarm,

let me dream of you being on my arm.

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