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ahmadh A writer in my sparetime.
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Imagine having the ability to become whatever you want with dedication, yet you're so petrified by negativity and the fear of failure that you stay within your mind (which is akin to a prison) more so than reality. Note: I wrote this as a teen, so if this isn't that good or too edgy, that's probably why.

The Brink

What is this, everything feels fuzzy

It’s hard to see and all I hear is buzzing

It’s difficult to discern what’s right from wrong

I want to speak out but I just don’t know what’s going on

I’m confused; like a newborn child

This fugue-state is starting to get a little wild

I feel like I’m drowning in the middle of the ocean

I’m screaming but nobody can hear me

Somebody please help me, I want to be able to see

I’m lost in the field of my thoughts and cannot escape

I’m delusional; I can’t tell what’s real anymore

But suddenly mind takes my vision away

And I awake in the field of my thoughts; searching for a brighter today

But I can’t find a positive thought within the field

The negativity is choking my air out; I must yield

I start falling into a pit of disaster with no hope of escape

My screams still aren’t leaving the field

There is no hope, only fear

And the field thrives off my infinite amount of tears

As I reach the bottom I fall onto my knees

I think now, maybe I can start a new tomorrow

Escape from this needless sorrow

But as I try to move I started to sink

I whisper, “How much further until I reach the brink?”

I close my eyes, waiting for it all to end

But as they open, upward my legs are free, and they unbend

Feel joy, but open my eyes only to see the field again

Joy replaced yet again with hopeless and then I feel darkness pull me in

I tried to resist but it was far too strong and the light was growing dim

I’m always in that same field that torments me

All I’ve been dying to do is to just be outside of this field: to finally see

But my perception is always clouded with the thick fog of confusion

And I realize that my hope of escape is only a delusion

I know that I’m forever trapped within the field with no hope of being freed

My helplessness becomes so overbearing that it became difficult to breathe

I am a prisoner within my own mind

Negativity is what keeps me confined

Now I’m even closer to the darkness

All I ever do in life is regress

I miss the sun and the joys I had in it

I took life for granted, so life decided to quit

The ground is a tar-like substance, and again I’m sinking

Soon the ground I will be drinking

But at least I will be free from my ever-growing insanity

No longer will I treat my life like a profanity

I will be free from my imaginary binds

Inside this prison within my mind

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