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ahmadh A writer in my sparetime.
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A poem I wrote when my love left me.


Clouds swirling rapidly, creating a black vortex of confusion and sorrow which slowly engulfs the sun, and vigorously blowing the grass

A lone old oak tree serves as your only shelter as you cradle yourself into a false sense of security

as the black and dead leaves fly among the sky, soaring with the cyclone of darkness

The loneliness consumes you alive as you watch every good encounter you’ve ever experienced fade to a black abyss which takes every soul that once gave you joy

Alone, dejected, and heartbroken never knowing how good you had it when you assumed you were in hell

You reminisce about the last time you felt happy as you blink and time flows through your eyes

You were lying to yourself believing that you actually had somebody in this cold, black world

You watch the world full of black refine itself with color as the wind finally calming it’s vulgar cyclone; All from the sight of a person

A person who made you feel whole somebody you could call friend, somebody you thought you’d never lose

Somebody who could make you smile when you believed all hope was lost and who seemed like an angel; A perfect human being whom was a beacon of hope whom you thought you’d spend your life with

Who made life feel less like a battle and so much simpler, brighter and happier

Only to find the sting of abandonment from yet another person whom you thought cared

Another lie you fabricated, twisted and manipulated that sliced deep into your flesh draining the life from your body

Staining your innocence crimson red with blood opening your eyes to your ignorance of perfection, friendship, and love causing disappointment, departure,

and heartbreak in each of their respective wakes

The color in the world slowly fades into dust flickering through the air causing the darkness to return, the to wind pick up, and the to world turn black

The sky’s roar of wind continues as you rock back and forth trying to put yourself to sleep as you realize your only two real companions are loneliness and misery

With this in mind you close your eyes hoping this is all just a nightmare

That a little boy who once laughed and played happily didn’t grow up to such a bleak hopeless reality plagued with addiction, abandonment, and without any redemption

Only crawling right back to her whenever you feel weak only to be rejected again and again

Trapped in a mental torture, where you’re forced to wear your mask, to all never to show your emotion to anybody

Drowning and screaming for help without any response only to have a lone hand reach out to you and quickly pull away

As you stop struggling and just accept the fact you’ve lost her as you sink into the charcoal black water

As you see the obsidian black spikes at the bottom, you close your eyes and all of the sudden you begin to float

You gasp for air looking everywhere for some form of land, structure or even a foundation

Seeing nothing you shut your eyes and block out the waking nightmare life has become and sleep a restless coma, an escape from the darkness and dream

Dream that one day you’ll wash up on shore and be allowed a second chance to redeem yourself and have a foundation to stand on, something that won’t crumble underneath your feet

As you float away into the unknown....

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