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agust_tI’m just a very tired 14 year old
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Just a poem I wrote when I was bored.

With a heart made of silk

And eyes of pure gold

There is a secret within you

That you behold

And although you choose not to share it

We, however

We will not bear it

We will expose your true inner self

You have a shadow

Locked in a jar, on a shelf

But when you smash the jar open

And let the shadow free

There are a million things that could happen to anyone

Just like you and me

There could be pain and suffering

Love and warmth

Hate turned into friendship

Love could be torn

But I guess that we won’t ever see

What would happen if you set the shadow free

Because you tell us to just leave you be.

But the shadows that we never see

Are often hidden behind the eyes

Hidden far back in the mind

They are never presented

Out in the open

Because when they are,

Time stands still

To put forth those

Against their will

To show the evil

That resides inside

When you have a shadow

That you do nothing with but hide.

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