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agust_dee 2nd account; main: @lynn03
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thanks to everyone who asked a question!!

Q&A Answers :)

thank you to everyone who asked a question!! here you go :)

@totally_random do you listen to NF? yes!! not a lot but sometimes! i really like If You Want Love :)

@btsismybias asked a bunch lol how old are you? 17 :) fave color? yellow! fave food? potatoes. any form of potatoes.

fave singer? idk if you mean solo singer or band but im answering both! band: bts obviously my fave solo singer hmm does agust d count? IDK um probably conan gray but i like troye sivan also

bts bias? i'm double biased :) yoongi and jimin (lmao) everytime i start leaning towards one the other does something to PULL ME BACK

dream job? i wanna be an editor or producer for like tv shows or movies i also think it would be really fun to be a radio host for some reason lmao

@taeismybaibae favorite users? omg i have TONS don't make me choose everyone on here is super nice but everyone who comments and messages me always make me happy :)

how are you? honestly not great but that's okay :) hoping it gets better soon who's your favorite author here? probably @f_priestly her stories are kinda dark but REALLY good

fave post of yours? on this account i really like my 'funny things from a ff i read' series lmao on my main account all i post is my yoonmin ff but im kinda proud of it ngl :) @lynn03 is my main if you wanna follow it ;)

fave BTS song? oh my god i have so many here's my top 10: 1. magic shop 2. 24/7 = heaven 3. serendipity 4. just one day 5. mikrokosmos 6. answer: love myself 7. young forever 8. save me 9. ddaeng 10. spring day

what colors do you not like? i like pretty much every color but i'm gonna use the colors that i don't like to wear brown, purple, and orange idk i just feel like i don't look good in those colors

can we be friends??? of course !! they also asked my favorite color and dream job but those have already been answered :)

@kpopprincess07 3 fave kpop groups? BTS, ITZY, and Stray Kids :)) who's your bias? idk if you meant for those 3 or just BTS but i'm doing all 3 BTS - yoongi and jimin ITZY - ryujin Stray Kids - han

do you have tik tok? no lmao i'm not allowed do you like jin's dad jokes? ABSOLUTELY

thanks to everyone who asked me questions!! if you have any more let me know in a comment or pm and i'll just respond to them :) ily guys <3

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