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oc playlist competition oc challenge! stories

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i saw this contest and it sounded cool so enjoy ?

oc playlist competition

so i saw this pop up on my feed and i thought it was cool sooo

here's my entry :)

oc #1

song: drama - txt Zoe Lynn Carter female (she/her) pansexual 17 years old

major extrovert plays softball everyone calls her 'Z' loves to go on adventures; the type of person to drag you to an amusement park at 1 in the morning has a big friend group but is really only close to Mina

oc #2

song: lovesick girls - blackpink Mina Elizabeth Lee female (she/her) lesbian 16 years old

ambivert; super nice but pretty quiet usually seen drawing loves animals; always taking care of strays and has a cat named moomoo obsessed with finding love blushes easily


song : dawndididawn by dawn (ft. jessi) power couple zoe would protect mina with her life; you make fun of her, you're gonna get it pretty much everyone thinks they're perfect together

bonus! i used the 4th song to write a little short story between them :) song: not shy - itzy

Mina looked around as she walked up to her and Zoe's meeting spot. Seeing Zoe nowhere, she sat on the ground, pressing her back to the tree, and pulled out her sketchbook. She started to draw, ignoring the people around her and focusing only on the piece of paper on her lap.

Zoe walked out of the school building and straight towards the tree, where Mina was sitting peacefully. She smiled as she saw Mina stick her tongue out in concentration. She sat down next to her on the grass. "What are you drawing love?"

Mina's cheeks were dusted with pink as she looked up at Zoe. "Careful. Someone might hear." They hadn't announced their relationship to anyone but their closest friends, so not many people actually knew.

But Zoe was tired of it. "So what if they do?" Mina raised her eyebrows. "What do you mean?" "I mean." Zoe took Mina's hand and interlaced their fingers. "Maybe I want them to know."

Mina's eyes widened. "You want to tell everyone?" Zoe smiled and stroked Mina's hand with her fingers. "I'm ready if you are." Mina blushed again and looked at their entwined hands. She bit her lip and nodded. "Okay."

Zoe just about jumped with excitement, causing Mina to giggle. "Really?!" Mina nodded again. "I don't know how we're gonna tell everyone though." Zoe's eyes sparked and she smirked slightly. "I have an idea."

"Oh no. I know that look. What are you-" "Shh." Zoe helped Mina stand up and cleared her throat before turning to the crowd of people still hanging around the school. "Hey everyone! Me and Mina are dating!" She then turned and kissed Mina on the cheek.

Mina covered her red face with her hands and sunk back to the ground. "Y-you're so bold." Zoe laughed and threaded their fingers once again. "Why should I be afraid to tell everyone you're mine?" Mina groaned. "I know but you're never embarrassed!"

"Would it kill you to at least ACT like you're shy every once in a while." Zoe shook her head. "Nope. Not shy. Not me." Mina sighed, but smiled and laid her head on Zoe's shoulder. "Well now what?"

"First thing is I'm changing my relationship status on Facebook." Mina burst into giggles. "I love you." Zoe smiled and kissed Mina on the temple. "I love you too."

and that's it! the characters are my own but i used a program thingy to design them i'll put the link in the comments~ hope you liked this ik it's pretty different from what i usually post :)

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