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my fave kpop groups kpop stories

agust_dee ᴘʀᴏʙᴀʙʟʏ ᴠɪʙɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴋᴘᴏᴘ (@lynn03 spam)
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just some of my faves with my faves

my fave kpop groups

yo yo yooooo

that was weird im never doing that again


i saw adeenbean do a 'my bias in every boygroup i stan' and wanted to do something similar

i don't stan too many groups (yet) so i'm doing boy groups and girl groups !!

it's just some basic faves and stuff

yeah okay ENJOY

bts bias: yoonmin bias wrecker: jungkook first song i heard: not today fave songs: spring day, black swan, magic shop, save me, mikrokosmos, 00:00, answer: love myself

txt bias: beomgyu bias wrecker: yeonbin first song i heard: crown fave songs: run away, can't you see me, wishlist, blue hour, everlasting shine, drama, new rules, cat & dog

itzy bias: ryujin bias wrecker: lia (about to be everyone though) first song i heard: dalla dalla fave songs: wannabe, icy, be in love, it'z summer, not shy, nobody like you

stray kids bias: han bias wrecker: felix and hyunjin first song i heard: my pace fave songs: back door, god's menu, all in (jap. version), gone days

twice bias: mina bias wrecker: nayeon and jihyo first song i heard: likey fave songs: can't stop me, cry for me, like a fool, fancy, dance the night away

enhypen bias: jungwon bias wrecker: sunghoon and ni-ki first song i heard: given-taken fave songs: let me in, given-taken, 10 months, dream of dreams

red velvet bias: seulgi and irene bias wrecker: wendy first song i heard: peek-a-boo fave songs: russian roulette, psycho, red flavor, bad boy

blackpink bias: jennie bias wrecker: lisa first song i heard: boombayah fave songs: lovesick girls, pretty savage, kill this love, stay

got7 bias: jinyoung bias wrecker: yugyeom and mark first song i heard: just right fave songs: you are, not by the moon, encore, eclipse

seventeen bias: woozi bias wrecker: the8 (vernon sneaking up there) first song i heard: very nice fave songs: our dawn is hotter than day, holiday, left & right, falling for you, mansae

shinee bias: key bias wrecker: onew first song i heard: ring ding dong fave songs: replay, view, lucifer, sherlock, don't call me, ring ding dong

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