kpop lyrics that hit different
kpop lyrics that hit different feels stories

agust_dee sᴏᴏʙɪɴ sᴏᴏʙɪɴ ʏᴏᴜ ᴋɴᴏᴡ (@lynn03 spam)
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i currently have blue & grey on repeat and i am straight up not thriving rn

kpop lyrics that hit different

oh this ground feels so heavier i am singing by myself i just wanna be happier is even this too much to ask for -blue & grey bts

the person in your eyes was always him it wasn't me so i'll silently let you go to him -just go ikon

for you i could pretend like i was happy when i was sad for you i could pretend like i was strong when i was hurt -fake love bts

i'm going through heartbreak longer than the times we loved -one of these nights red velvet

it feels like everybody is happy but me it hurts more when i smile than when i cry though i try to hold it back everyday, though i try to hang in there but it's not working so well, i need your hand now -run away txt

the weather is sunny but there are clouds over my head -24/7 twice

i'm just looking at you, who looks at him as i comfort myself with tears -best friend ikon

i'm useless posting these pictures but no one knows my hidden feelings behind them -instagram dean

my longing for you tortures me more than my loneliness -come back home 2ne1

i think of the days i believed everything was good days that grew farther away i think of the days i thought everything broke down days when i used to smile that are getting forgotten -the day got7

i'm not lonely i say to the night sky without any strength i'm okay today i say to myself over and over again -all alone day6

honestly i've never fit in with the world -loser bigbang

sometimes the truth hurts more than lies -sweet lies exo

the rain stops and in the reflection in the puddle i see myself looking more miserable today -rain bts

someone please hold me, i'm exhausted from this world someone please wipe me,i'm drenched with tears someone please notice my struggles first please acknowledge the poor me please help me -let me out shinee

you only come to me when you need me -who am i highlight

my reflection in the mirror is so empty as if there's nothing there -empty winner

what swallows me is anxiety and misery -shadow sf9

sometimes i really really hate myself -reflection bts

even if i give you my everything it's not enough -promise exo

i want to breathe, i hate this night i want to wake up, i hate this dream i'm trapped inside of myself and i'm dead -save me bts

but today, i smile even though it hurts, i smile in front of you i pretend that i'm fine i pretend that i'm okay i have to -i smile day6

i can't trust anyone now no one is by my side -save me b.a.p

i look into the mirror and see my pathetic self -still lonely seventeen

it's okay to swear at me even that's not good enough i just wanna hear your voice -fool winner

so lonely by myself thinking about you -moonlight got7

i'm living because i can't die -so far away agust d

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