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kpop check with friends ! kpop stories

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comparing our kpop favorites !

kpop check with friends !

she's finally here !!

people enjoyed my bts check so i decided to do just a kpop one~

( again, just comparing all our faves )

hope you all enjoy and thanks to everyone who helped me :)

lynn - me ria - @bookishtween13 kita - @queensatan777 eliana - @shad0w abby - @bts_mcr_fan kookina - @btsalways ada - @jayparkswife

ultimate group(s)

lynn: BTS



eliana: NCT

abby: BTS

kookina: BTS

ada: BLACKPINK, Stray Kids

ultimate group bias

lynn: yoonmin

ria: BTS: namjoon BP: jisoo

kita: ot4

eliana: mark lee

abby: jungkook

kookina: ot7

ada: BP - jennie SKZ - hyunjin

top 3 boy groups (+bias)

lynn: BTS - yoonmin

lynn: TXT: beomgyu

lynn: Stray Kids - han

ria: BTS - namjoon

ria: Stray Kids - hyunjin and seungmin

ria: GOT7 - bambam

kita: BTS - SUGA

kita: Monsta X - kihyun

kita: SuperM - kai

eliana: NCT - mark lee

eliana: BTS - SUGA

eliana: EXO - sehun

abby: BTS - jungkook

abby: Stray Kids - felix

abby: Seventeen - joshua

kookina: BTS - OT7

kookina: TXT - OT5

kookina: Seventeen - woozi

ada: Monsta X - kihyun

ada: GOT7 - jackson

ada: Stray Kids - hyunjin

boy group bias wreckers

lynn: BTS - jungkook

lynn: TXT - yeonbin

lynn: Stray Kids - hyunjin and felix

ria: BTS - everyone else

ria: Stray Kids - everyone else

ria: GOT7 - everyone else

kita: BTS - V

kita: Monsta X - hyungwon

kita: SuperM - everyone else

eliana: NCT - winwin

eliana: BTS - j-hope

eliana: EXO - kai

abby: BTS - jimin and v

abby: Stray Kids - lee know

abby: Seventeen - hoshi

kookina: BTS - none TXT - none Seventeen - dino and hoshi

ada: Monsta X - hyungwon

ada: GOT7 - mark

ada: Stray Kids - chan

top 3 girl groups (+bias)

lynn: ITZY - ryujin

lynn: TWICE - mina

lynn: BLACKPINK - jennie

ria: BLACKPINK - jisoo

ria: TWICE - nayeon

ria: ITZY - ryujin

kita: BLACKPINK - OT4, jennie

kita: MAMAMOO - hwasa

kita: TWICE - tzuyu

eliana: G(idle) - song yuqi

eliana: ITZY - ryujin

eliana: LOONA - jinsoul

abby: BLACKPINK - rose

abby: Red Velvet - joy

abby: TWICE - momo

kookina: BLACKPINK - OT4

kookina: TWICE - chaeyoung

kookina: Red Velvet - yeri

ada: TWICE - chaeyoung

ada: MAMAMOO - moonbyul

ada: G(idle) - soyeon

girl group bias wreckers

lynn: ITZY - lia and yuna

lynn: TWICE - nayeon and jihyo

lynn: BLACKPINK - lisa

ria: BLACKPINK - everyone else

ria: TWICE - tzuyu

ria: ITZY - everyone else

kita: BLACKPINK - everyone else

kita: MAMAMOO - solar

kita: TWICE - nayeon and chaeyoung

eliana: G(idle) - soojin

eliana: ITZY - yeji

eliana: LOONA - choerry

abby: BLACKPINK - lisa

abby: Red Velvet - wendy

abby: TWICE - sana

kookina: BLACKPINK - none TWICE - momo and sana

kookina: Red Velvet - irene

ada: TWICE - dahyun

ada: MAMAMOO - wheein

ada: G(idle) - miyeon

fave older kpop group(s)


ria: SHINee, Super Junior, Girls Generation

kita: f(x), 2NE1

eliana: BIGBANG


kookina: Girls Generation

ada: Girls Generation

fave soloist(s)

lynn: IU

lynn: Eric Nam

lynn: HyunA and Dawn

(side note: it took me so long to choose a picture for that <-- I COULDN'T PICK ONE THEY'RE SO CUTE IN EVERY PIC I SWEAR MY FAVORITE COUPLE ... anygays)

ria: Sunmi

ria: taemin

kita: jennie, rose

kita: AgustD, RM

kita: hwasa

eliana: wonho

eliana: Sunmi

eliana: somi

abby: lee suhyun

abby: jennie

kookina: IU

ada: Jay Park

ada: wonho

ada: Sunmi

ada: Jackson Wang

fave rookie group (+bias)

lynn: ENHYPEN - jungwon

ria: ENHYPEN - heeseung

kita: P1Harmony - theo

eliana: MCND - castle j

abby: PURPLE KISS - swan

kookina: none

ada: aespa - winter

and that's it !

sorry it took so long it took me a while to find pictures for everything

feel free to leave your answers in the comments~

and much thanks to everyone who participated ! they will be tagged in the comments if you want to check out their accounts :)

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