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kdrama recommendations! k-drama stories

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my top 10 kdramas!

kdrama recommendations!

yeah i watch a lot of kdramas so i thought i would tell you guys about them :)

i made a list of my top 10 and i'll be counting down (so #1 is my favorite and stuffity)

they also have short descriptions bc i'm more into ones with a slightly darker twist and some people don't like those so i don't want them to accidentally watch them and not like it

ANYGAYS im gonna actually start now lmao

#10 - something in the rain this one is pure romance no real dark twists the main girl falls in love with her best friend's younger brother and it causes p r o b l e m s this one made me CRY and i didn't like the ending much but it was still really cute

#9 - fight my way my first kdrama! it's really cute basically life-long friends fall in love the guy is a boxer and the girl is always worried he's gonna get hurt it's v cute i don't really remember a lot about this one bc i watched it like 2/3 years ago

#8 - weightlifting fairy: kim bokjoo me and my friend watched this one together and it dragged her into the kdrama life too lmao again i watched this one a pretty long time ago but it was SO CUTE the girl is a weightlifter, the guy is a swimmer AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OKAY

#7 - extracurricular THIS DRAMA OH MY GOSH THERE'S NO SEASON 2 (yet?) AND IT LEFT OFF ON THE BIGGEST CLIFFHANGER this high school kid starts doing some illegal stuff to earn money bc he's BROKE and a girl catches him but ends up helping him instead of turning him in SO MUCH ANGST

#6 - oh my ghost SO GOSH DARN GOOD people can stay on earth as a ghost if they feel they didn't fulfill something in life and this girl stays bc she died a virgin she possesses this girl who can see her and tries to do the do with the girls BOSS also plot twist! a murderer :)

#5 - romance is a bonus book I NEED TO REWATCH THIS ONE I LOVE IT SM life long friends fall in love but are worried bc there's an age gap I CANNOT PUT INTO WORDS HOW CUTE THIS ONE IS THIS IS MY FAVORITE NON DARK ONE IT HURTS TO PUT IT AT #5

#4 - abyss this guy who's been bullied all his life for being ugly dies and then comes back to life in the form of what his soul looks like (which is attractive) his one friend also dies and he brings her back and they try to catch the person who killed her IT SOUNDS WEIRD BUT ITS SO GOOD

#3 - while you were sleeping SO GOOD this girl can see the future in her dreams and attempts to change it bc it's usually bad she meets 2 other guys who have the same power and they all work together one of them is a prosecutor so there's quite a bit of crime

#2 - strong girl bongsoon I LOVE THIS ONE SM AHH the girl, bongsoon, has super strength and this guy finds out so he hires her as a bodyguard so she has to keep him safe bc someone wants him DEAD this one has crime, comedy, and lovey dovey stuff I LOVE IT


runner ups bc haha suspense hello my twenties - the 1st season was SO GOOD but i hated the 2nd season :( my first first love - i didn't ship the main characters lol so i was sad when they got together black - i just started this one so i can't form a full opinion BUT IT'S GOOD SO FAR JUST KINDA DARK

#1 - he is psychometric THE BEST KDRAMA I LOVE IT JINYOUNG FROM GOT7 IS THE MAIN CHARACTER when he touches people he can like see into their minds so he uses his powers to try and help his cop brother SO GOOD I CRIED A LOT THERES A DOG WHOS THE ABSOLUTE BEST

so there are my recommendations lmao if you have any you want to recommend for me to watch feel free to comment! i have a list lmao so i'll add them okay that's all i'm gonna go watch black now take care beans~

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