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i just need to talk


i just need to talk TW: death

so my high school art teacher died today and i don't know what to do anymore

even though i wasn't good at art i loved her classes so much

we get off of school tomorrow but to even think that when i walk in the building on tuesday she won't ever be there again

my entire family just went to bed and now im in tears and i can't stop crying and i don't know what to do

i searched her name on google and ended up finding her pinterest account and it made me cry so much

she had all these arts and crafts things saved, things she'll never get to do

she even had like a whole folder of cute rings and engagement rings (she wasn't married)

i just feel like she had so much more to do in life and i'm so upset

i want to make something for her

like she also ran student council and i wanna ask the other teacher leader if we can make like a poster or something in her memory

idk i just hope she's at peace

fly high ms. r

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