funny things my friend group has said 3
funny things my friend group has said 3 quote stories
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~quote book~ round 3

funny things my friend group has said 3

i have no motivation rn lmao sorry for not posting

i have been binge watching henry danger for some strange reason

anyway enjoy more quotes

i've peed on her way more times than you have

(trying to translate spanish) where are the noble people and delicious? 'on the mountain'

oh that was real? i thought you were talking about one of your kdramas

i think i laughed so hard my period started!

*quietly to herself* cloud foam

she thinks im doing work, but im doing sushi

i'd like to read but i cannot

i'm stuck in your hamper!

does this napkin smell like chlorophyll to you?

they can steal our toaster!

almost every furry that i've ever talked to has been nice

'i've fallen and i can't get up' i've got up and i can't fallen!

i can't wait to be born in my next life as a cow in india. sacred.

tell your mom to stop posting bad memes

i'm gonna knock the gay out of you

you're not batman, you're a pussy!

do you think all pornstars go to hell 'better not'

i love you so much like if i was wouldn't make much difference i'm bi

hold my noodles

i'm not a terrorist!

no not the zayn from one direction, the zayn from pillow talk

vitamin c bitch

'what's a cool last name?' what are you, role playing?

did you just moisturize your entire head?

i'm not playing hot potato with a grenade!

can you tie my shoes, i'm illiterate

you look like my cousin corey...i don't like corey

i'd like some spicy water aka sprite

'she sent me a picture of her knee and she was thick' she's got thick knees?

oh i love naked babies 'i'll be a naked baby if you come over'

if you were a refrigerated pickle, where would you be?

*shows knee which has a boo boo* don't climb on roofs 'how did you do that?' i climbed on a roof

tractor supply 'the pet lovers store!'

i hate this song 'yeah but it's kinda catchy' you know what else is catchy? the fucking plague. that doesn't make it GOOD.

i can't i'm old 'you're not old, you're weak' yes that too

the only anime i ever watched was gay

maybe they're mormons in training

i'm going to go cry in the woods and hope the wolves and furries will take me in


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