funny quotes from a yoonmin fanfic i read 7
funny quotes from a yoonmin fanfic i read 7 fanfiction stories
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i can't SLEEP

funny quotes from a yoonmin fanfic i read 7

i cannot sLEEP so ENJOY IG

(person 1) sorry did i offend you? (person 2) no, i'm just not going to waste my time on an incompetent fool such as yourself

talk to me nerd guy

it seems you're a little bit more tolerable than i thought

i'm more of a guy that falls for brains. you're way under the scale in that category.

the more i talk to you the higher my tolerance for insults get

(person 1) you call asking "how to peel a musa acuminata" an important question? (person 2) ? dude i asked how to peel a banana why are you on about a mufasa acupuncture

is your magnitude 8.4 because you make my earth quake


(person 1) do you even know what a periodic table is? (person 2) no but i'm assuming it's a table with a bunch of dots that looks like periods

(person 1) do you even know what elements are? (person 2) from what i learned watching avatar the last airbender, it's water, fire, earth, and air

(person 1) your an asshole (person 2) you're* as in you are (person 1) well YOU ARE a bitch

(person 1) sorry if i'll make you feel uncomfortable with what i'm about to say but you look absolutely supercalifragilistic- expialidocious (person 2) well i can't feel uncomfortable if i have no idea what that means

(person 1) i feel a migration coming on (person 2) i'm sorry but i read that in the tone of voice of that robot guy off of team umizoomi

you must be a compound of barium and beryllium cause you're a total BaBe

emancipate yourself from mental fuckery

(person 1) <_< >_> (person 2) what are you doing (person 1) trying to help you find all your missing brain cells you seem to drop on a regular

(person 1) why when we look in the front part of the spoon our reflection is upside down? (person 2) because of global warming

(person 1) just like, help him in a subtle way? (person 2) subtle way, got it (person 1) shit ain't about to be subtle, is it? (person 2) not a single fuck

(person 1) i fucking hate you (person 2) what is it now, satan? (person 1) you're a literal waste of space i hope you die in the fiery pits of hell (person 2) well you're the ring leader, wouldn't be surprised if you took my soul with you one day

now tell me why you hate me today? i mean i know you hate me every other day, but why voice it today?

i'm not even going to lie, them thighs were THICC and that ass was WHOOSH in them pants

(person 1) fuck (person 2) fuck indeed

(person 1) promise you won't beat my ass? (person 2) i promise (person 1) *says something kind of major to the plot so i don't wanna type it bc s u s p e n s e * (person 2) i'm going to beat your ass

he's lucky these walls are as thicc as his ass or else he would have a lot of angry neighbors knocking down his door

(person 1) want to go out for lunch in a bit (person 2) no (person 1) are you just going to sulk in your apartment forever? (person 2) yes

(person 1) are you guys really best friends? (person 2) unfortunately yes

let's play a game of poking fun at hyung's sexual frustration

and finally i don't know how to type this out but they have a groupchat named 'jimin's thicc ass' and it made me laugh so hard

wattpad: Scientific terms (Yoonmin) [COMPLETED] by yoonminislifeu1 I LOVED THIS IT WAS SO CUte

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