funny quotes from a yoonmin fanfic i read 6
funny quotes from a yoonmin fanfic i read 6 fanfiction stories

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i don't really have a description for this so ENJOY !

funny quotes from a yoonmin fanfic i read 6

i don't really have a description for this ENJOY

its fun being a cold hearted asshole

(person 1) DAMN WHAT THAT MOUTH DO (person 2) eat bagel bites at 3 in the morning

(person 1) you should come over nobody's home ;) (person 2) i can't i have a whole bag of kit kats and i plan on eating all of them in one night. i love you but i have priorities

sorry doesn't bring back my fucking bagel bites you bitch

(person 1) im suing you (person 2) on what grounds (person 1) on the grounds of you annoy the shit out of me and i can't stand you

jungkook told me taehyung and him got new boyfriend and i can't even get one

you oblivious popped beach ball


i will shove you off a building that's not too high so you'll just be in pain but won't die

(person 1) i don't think "tell him you want a freaky threesome" qualifies as relationship advice (person 2) that's how i got you

u fucking sloot ur gonna taint my children

(person 1) ur a sloot (person 2) how r00d (person 1) slooooooot (person 2) stop (person 1) S L O O T

(person 1) are you the one who changed my kik name to dickhead? (person 2) yes (person 1) why (person 2) you. ate. my. bagel. bites.

(person 1) i think u love your bagel bites more than u love me (person 2) my bagel bites are there for me (person 1) can ur bagel bites cuddle you? (person 2) they can its just unethical to cuddle with bagel bites

(person 1) i love you (person 2) i love you too (person 1) ur gay

fucking autocorrect trying to push its white folk names onto me

(person 1) making my way downtown walking fast (person 2) have you seen my letterman jacket that i got for music? (person 1) walking faster

(person 1) you know valentine's day is soon. we should do something. (person 2) what do you want. nvm. i know what you want and no i'm not getting you the biggest pack of bagel bites in the store (person 2) WHY THE FUCK NOT????

(person 1) i love you more than anything but the bagel bites need to go (person 2) no. u need 2 fuckin go. my bagel bites are everything 2 me.

imagine going to a therapy group and everyone's talking about their addiction, and everybody's saying drugs and stuff, and then when it's my turn i have to fucking admit that i'm here because i'm addicted to bagel bites

if the condom fits, honey

i'm gonna dab you to sleep babe. like how people sing others to sleep. i'm gonna dab.

(person 1) fine we're over (person 2) i bought you bagel bites (person 1) i love you so much i can't even explain it the love of my life right here

(person 1) do you wanna hang out? (person 2) *general excuse and a promise i will break to hang out another time*

(person 1) what do you want? (person 2) nothing i don't trust you (person 1) understandable have a great day

(person 1) you're so fucking cute i love you (person 2) don't b gay (person 1) no homo (person 2) oh ok thx bro

ur my bagel bite ♡

wattpad: Asshole {Yoonmin} by depressothyexpresso this was really cute i loved it lmao

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