funny quotes from a yoonmin fanfic i read 3
funny quotes from a yoonmin fanfic i read 3 fanfiction stories

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yep i've decided to make this a series bc sLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK

funny quotes from a yoonmin fanfic i read 3

yep i've decided to make this a series bc sLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK

this one was a texting fic so there's a lot of back-and-forth stuffity

also i know i dont usually put names bc its fun to imagine but i did for a few of these bc there was too many people and i was confusing myself OKAY ENJOYY :))

you need friends anyway you antisocial walnut

(person 1) how did you make it into college (person 2) you know i'm not quite sure

sounds like something a panicked gay would say

i want a quick and painless death okay, can you do that for me

(person 1) no homo (person 2) what happened to "i like boys" (person 1) you right, full homo

i will kill you with murder

(person 1) overwatch or fortnite (person 2) animal crossing

namjoon: hey jimin what's your favorite movie seokjin: its fifty shades of grey jimin: IT IS NOT

jimin: what about you yoongi yoongi: i guess if i have to pick... seokjin: fifty shades darker yoongi: nO

(person 1) do you want to die (person 2) not particularly, why do you ask

not to interrupt your riveting conversation or anything but i just threw 12 bath bombs in my water at once is it safe to get in

i smell something wait that might just be my ramen cooking

(person 1) i studied a little mandarin in high school (person 2) lmao why were you studying a small orange

jimin you sexy walnut

your noot noot game is strong

(person 1) wow someone's being straightforward today (person 2) you mean gayforward

you're literally the definition of whipped. but in denial. trying to be cool about it. cool whipped.

(person 1) i'm going to bed (person 2) it's 8:30... (person 1) past my bedtime

(person 1) a kick to the face (person 2) be nice (person 1) a kick to the gut

(person 1) are you trying to ruin our friendship (person 2) yes (person 1) fair enough

(person 1) i'm conflicted (person 2) don't be (person 1) wow thanks suddenly all my problems are solved how do you do it

(person 1) i just stopped by his dorm to give him something (person 2) your hand in marriage? (person 1) a birthday present (person 2) ...your hand in marriage

so fun fact of the day i just made out with jungkook

taetae has changed their name to elvis elvis has renamed the chat the building elvis has left the building

(person 1) teehee (person 2) don't you teehee me (person 1) heetee

you guys i just blew all my money at a casino and now i'm sitting in the parking lot of ikea eating taco fries help...also by casino i mean chuck e cheese

the only thing i'm high on rn is the seasoning from these taco fries

whats wrong with a couple of dudes talking about getting marinated

why stop at capitalism, destroy everything


don't take too long or i might be tempted to steal all of your first edition pokemon cards

(person 1) truth or dare (person 2) dare (person 1) i dare you to kiss me (person 2) truth (person 1) i truth you to kiss me

(person 1) ria (person 2) you mean rip? (person 1) no, ria. rest in agony.

i'm on a caffeine high rn somebody needs to send over a pediatrician i can hear colors

(person 1) what if i go to your dorm (person 2) WHAT FOR, TO PUT ME DOWN (person 1) no to lay you down (person 2) IN MY GRAVE (person 1) in your bed (person 2) WHERE YOU WILL THEN KILL ME

be quiet and go drink your coke and pop rocks soup

(person 1) i wanna pinch your cheeks (person 2) domestic abuse

can a man not vocally acknowledge when his fellow man friend has a nice forehead

(person 1) yo i just got off from work what's the tea (person 2) tae's gonna frame his dad for tax fraud (person 1) nice

i'm just trying to do my bestpacito here

they can still be your brotp

(person 1) wait you has a mans? (person 2) i never told you i has a mans? (person 1) you never told me you has a mans (person 2) i has a mans

would throwing myself off a mountain be appropriate punishment

i feel like you could threaten to divorce him someday and he would just pout and you'd be like 'nevermind no divorce'

(person 1) you mctraitor (person 2) I'M MCSORRY (person 1) i mcforgive you

(person 1) where do you get your energy from i'm curious (person 2) duracell batteries, i stick em in my mashed potatoes

(person 1) when you guys get married are you gonna stream your wedding on twitch (person 2) wtf kind of question is that...of course we are

(person 1) maybe kachow can be our always (person 2) the fault in our cars

spies can be good people too haven't you ever watched the backyardigans

why take nap when you can take egg from fridge and make scramble egg


(person 1) i can't stand you (person 2) then sit down lmao


contrary to popular belief jimin did not birth me

ON WATTPAD: WHOSE IDEA WAS THIS? || BTS CHAT FIC ✔️ by: imhyungry this one's not centered around yoonmin though it's got yoonmin, taekook, namjin, and yugseok (yugyeom and hoseok)

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