funny quotes from a yeonbin fanfic i read
funny quotes from a yeonbin fanfic i read fanfiction stories

agust_dee sᴏᴏʙɪɴ sᴏᴏʙɪɴ ʏᴏᴜ ᴋɴᴏᴡ (@lynn03 spam)
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if you dont stan txt then literally what are you doing

funny quotes from a yeonbin fanfic i read

yeah im literally yeonbin trash now so i started reading yeonbin fics :))

yeonbin is yeonjun x soobin if you don't know


(person 1) i breathed- (person 2) ew pls dont

hi guys today soobin disrespected me so im doing a petition to put him down

bold of you to assume the threat of death phases me anymore

i swear to god if you come at me again i will remove your elbows

(person 1) no homo but you look kinda cute here (person 2) no homo but thats kinda gay

(person 1) no gay shit here bruh (person 2) yeah we just homiesexual

for the first time in forever im not questioning whether i should jump in front of an oncoming truck bc of you guys

(person 1) FINE what do you want (person 2) 🅱️read

"mfs" means "mother fucker" and when hyung called us that you said "yes", therefore, sweet home alabama

thats a bit homosexual dont u think

the loml is shrek, clearly

sorry i dont speak goo goo ga ga

the older i am the closer i am to death, therefore, its a win win situation

(person 1) not me, not interested uwu (person 2) wasn't gonna ask you anyways (person 1) you fucking WHORE

so like the dumbass i am, i keep walkin bc i think "im a bad bitch u cant kill me" basically, im not a bad bitch and i fell down the fucking stairs

nah bitch we came out the womb holdin hands and shit

wattpad: NO HOMO ( yeonbin ) ✔️ by hueningflop this was the first yeonbin fic i've ever read and it was really cute 🥺

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