funny quotes from a yeonbin fanfic i read 3
funny quotes from a yeonbin fanfic i read 3 fan fiction stories

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funny quotes from a yeonbin fanfic i read 3

anyone remember this series ??

i had to scroll to the depths of my account to figure out what number i was on BUT HERE WE ARE

i FINALLY graduated high school and just got back from a 3 day summer camp

so what did i do in celebration?

read fanfiction

lmao ANYGAYS i hope you all enjoy

this one is v short but i'm almost done reading another one so i'll have another one out later today :)


i'd like to see you try, you short ass bagel

stop texting i'm trying to listen to Kidz Bop!

Taehyun: *is a genius* Also Taehyun: "serioys"

the words soobin and straight don't go together

i'm not straight or gay to be honest, i'm breadsexual

oh fuck that's a nice loaf of bread 🥵😩🍆💦

(person 1) you're just mad cause you're short (person 2) you little bitch (person 1) do you mean 'you TALL bitch'?

we have a yee yee boi on our hands 🤠

one day you're gonna get bitch slapped and i'm not gonna do shit about it

i need leg surgery because i can't stand you hoes

(person 1) i wanna choke on a hotdog (person 2) beomgyu no (person 1) i don't mean the food (person 2) i know (person 1) i mean dick (person 2) i know beomgyu

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