funny quotes from a bts fanfic i read
funny quotes from a bts fanfic i read fanfiction stories
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ahaha it's baaaaaaack

funny quotes from a bts fanfic i read


it's baaaaaaack

this one wasn't a ship one really though it was mostly just like what bts' texts would be like

twas still funny tho so enjoy :)

(person 1) WHEN I SAY TAYLOR YOU SAY (person 2) i thought i blocked you (person 1) SWIFT

(person 1) i just saw you on tv!! (person 2) really?! what channel?! (person 1) animal planet

(person 1) why aren't you anwering? :( (person 2) sorry, i dropped my phone and i can't find it. i'll text you when i find it. (person 1) oh, okay.

{continued} (person 1) you find it yet? (person 2) no. (person 1) okay, let me know when you do

(person 1) ughhh i'm so tired of always having boys texting me everyone always wants me (person 2) well you know what they say, low prices attract customers

(person 1) you remind me of the sun because you're pretty hot ;) (person 2) oh i thought it's cause i will literally kill you if you come too close to me

(person 1) if i was to flip a coin, what would be the chances of you giving me head? (person 2) statistically? 50% (person 1) realistically? (person 2) 0%

(person 1) are you my homework? because i'm not doing you and i should be ;) (person 2) i am a motherfucking term paper the night before it's due

(person 1) your jokes remind me of harambe and 2016 (person 2) aw because everyone misses them? (person 1) no because they're sad and dead

(person 1) are you out? (person 2) yeah. always out. (person 1) where you headed? (person 2) death is the ultimate destination but we all make stops along the way

(person 1) hella cute hella fine be my hella valentine (person 2) this is why you're single

(person 1) let's watch shark boy and lava girl (person 2) okay (person 1) and make out during the scary parts (person 2) the...the scary parts? of shark boy and lava girl?

horton hears a bitchass lie

(person 1) come over (person 2) i can't my car only has three wheels (person 1) do u have a tricycle (person 2) you were supposed to say "but my parents aren't home" (person 1) i was distracted by your tricycle

{continued} (person 2) ok start over (person 1) come over (person 2) i can't my car only has three wheels (person 1) what color is your tricycle (person 2) fucK you

christmas decorations are basically santa merch

i need advice (5 mins later) never mind i already did the stupid thing

(person 1) how's your hangover? i'm dying (person 2) amateur. i've already started drinking again (person 1) it's 11am!! (person 2) i fear nothing

is there an emoji for wanting to crawl in a hole and die

on wattpad: BTS TEXTS by: ilsanlove it's a real fast read and pretty cute and funny :)

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