BTS check with commaful ARMYs!
BTS check with commaful ARMYs! bts stories

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BTS check with commaful ARMYs!

okie it's here!

basically its just my favorites compared to other ARMYs

lynn: me ria: @bookishtween13 alien: @alien_valentine tae: @taemyvalentine kozume: @kk_kozume innov: @innovativewings kookina: @btsalways abbylyin: @kpopprincess07

here we go!


lynn - yoonmin

ria - namjoon

alien - suga

tae - v and jhope

kozume - jungkook

innov - jungkook

kookina - jungkook

abbylyin - jungkook

bias wrecker

lynn - jungkook

ria - everyone but namjoon

alien - hobi and jungkook

tae - jungkook and rm

kozume - jhope

innov - jimin

kookina - jin

abbylyin - jimin and v

favorite album(s)

lynn - Skool Luv Affair Dark&Wild Love Yourself: Tear Love Yourself: Answer Map of the Soul: 7

ria - Dark&Wild You Never Walk Alone Map of the Soul: 7 BE

alien - O!RUL8,2? Dark&Wild Love Yourself: Tear Map of the Soul: 7 BE

tae - Skool Luv Affair Dark&Wild Wings Face Yourself Map of the Soul: 7

kozume - Dark&Wild Wings Map of the Soul: 7

innov - Wings Map of the Soul: Persona Map of the Soul: 7

kookina - Skool Luv Affair Wings Map of the Soul: 7 BE

abbylyin - Skool Luv Affair Love Yourself: Tear Map of the Soul: 7

favorite solo song(s)

lynn - Serendipity Promise Moon Sweet Night Still With You

ria - Serendipity Winter Bear Filter My Time Daechwita

alien - Epiphany Euphoria Moonchild Winter Bear Christmas Love

tae - Give it to Me Airplane Epiphany Moonchild Ego Daechwita

kozume - Agust D Awake Begin Abyss

innov - Daydream Filter

kookina- Serendipty Euphoria Filter

abbylyin - Lie Singularity Euphoria Winter Bear Still With You

favorite jk hair (don't question it)

lynn - blonde and long-hair

ria - blonde

alien - dna era and fake love era

tae - red and blonde

kozume - long and wavy

innov - idol era, light brown, purple

kookina - red

abbylyin - blonde

favorite friendship

lynn - namkook and vminkook (minimoni also has a special place in my heart)

ria - hopekook

alien - vmin

tae - vmin and namjin

kozume - jinkook

innov - vmin

kookina - vminkook

abbylyin - ot7

favorite title track/mv

lynn - Save Me Blood Sweat & Tears Spring Day Black Swan Life Goes On

ria - Blood Sweat & Tears Spring Day Black Swan

alien - Boy In Luv Save Me IDOL Dynamite Life Goes On

tae - Not Today Fake Love IDOL Black Swan ON

kozume - No More Dream Blood Sweat & Tears Fake Love

innov - Blood Sweat & Tears Fire DNA IDOL Dynamite

kookina - Boy In Luv I Need U RUN DNA ON

abbylyin - Boy In Luv Just One Day Fake Love

and that's it!

what i've learned from this is that everyone is in love with jungkook

understandable 🥺

if you enjoyed let me know and maybe we can do a part 2 or just like a kpop version instead of just bts

i also want to thank everyone who participated! i'm tagging them in the comments if you wanna check out any of their accounts! thanks for reading~

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