adventures from taco bell 3
adventures from taco bell 3 story stories

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i hate my job :)

adventures from taco bell 3

we have a lot of stupid shit happen at work so i may just make this a series who knows




so we are currently very understaffed at work bc everyone keeps quitting bc of our new piece of trash manager

and when i got to work there were only 5 people in the entire store

2 working window, 2 working line, and 1 washing dishes and prepping food and stuff

now we usually have like at least 7ish! 2 in window, 2 on one line, 2 on the other, and 1 doing prep work

so we had a whole line shut down which makes us much slower

so i get there and trash manager man is like "do you know how to make food?"

like bitch yes i know how to make food ive been here longer than you have

so i tell him yes so he goes "great! run this line!"

so i had to work an entire line BY MYSELF

that means i had to heat the tortilla, put the meat on it, put the other ingredients on it, grill what needs to be grilled, wrap the stuff, put it all in a bag, and serve it


there's usually 2-3 people on a line so having to make 10 item orders by myself was not it

and im not even fully trained with food bc i started with service stuff so i had to ask the guy on the other line for help sometimes

me and him were the only people in that store who had been there longer than a month so he was also training the other guy on line and the girl in window who was helping them sometimes


so we were straight up not having a good time

AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF SHITTY MANAGER WAS LIKE 'why are you guys so slow :(' while standing there doing NOTHING

and we were BUSY

our drive thru was stacked from the time i got there til about 8:30ish

side note: i took orders for a little bit when shit man had to go to the bathroom and he was like 'i can't hear on that thing idk why' so i took it from him and this bitch had the volume almost all the way down

so i turned it all the way up and when he took it back from me he could suddenly hear wow!

at 8:30 my only cool manager showed up and shit man finally went home

we got slower and finally had zero cars for the first time since i showed up at like 9:20 ish

nobody in that store had gotten a break like all day so he goes "everyone gets a 10 minute break i'm shutting the drive-thru down i don't care y'all need a break"

so me and this other girl walk over to the gas station thats next door bc i needed sugar

i get my candy and she goes "how funny would it be if we went back over there with nothing but candy and milk"

long story short we only got candy and milk

she got chocky, i got stwabby :)

so we walk back over there only for my manager to tell us that...

we're locked out of the building

we locked the lobby bc of our understaffing problem and the doorstop got kicked out of the door

and he didn't have keys

so we all piled into someone's car to stay warm and shit talked our manager while cool manager blocked the drive thru with his car

they all decided to smoke while waiting for someone to bring keys, but i dont smoke so i stayed in the car and ate my candy :))

and while im sitting there, ALL PEACEFULLY, this car pulls up next to the one im in

i dont really think anything of it but then i notice theyre like staring straight at me, but i couldnt see clearly bc their windows were tinted

so at this point im kind of freaking out bc im alone in this car while everyone else is out of view bc theyre smoking a little while away

i swear my mind was like: what the fuck why are they staring am i about to get kidnapped oh my god im about to get kidnapped okay i have a box cutter in my pocket wtf am i gonna do with a box cutter

then they start rolling their window down and i swear im like holding my breath...

it was my friend

he rolled down his window and waved and i let out the biggest sigh of relief

i rolled down my window and he goes "i scared the shit out of you didn't i"


i flipped him off, he threw me finger hearts

we're cool now lmao but i swear my life flashed before my eyes

and eventually we got back in the store after like 20-30 mins



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