Almost Done Editing My 240 Pg Book!
Almost Done Editing My 240 Pg Book! fiction stories
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agrossman12 Community member
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A book that combines the love of magic and an interest in zombies. I'll be done soon and i'll let you all know where to find it.

Almost Done Editing My 240 Pg Book!

Atarah waded out into the middle of the field and parted the grass to take a seat. She placed her hands behind her head and leaned back on the cushiony hay.

She listened to the hyper birds and the excited bugs play their instruments. It was a glorious symphony and it almost put her to sleep.

While chewing a dry piece of straw, she peered out of one eye, and spotted a rare flower flickering in the wind. Atarah had many pressed flowers in her collection, but not this one.

She pushed herself up and carefully navigated her way over to it. As she bent down to pick the glorious purple moonflower, she saw a shadow pass in between the trees.

The girl stood straight up and looked for the dark figure. Once again she watched the shade fade in between the the living pillars and the hair on her neck stood straight up.

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