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Started a new job, met a guy.


My feet walk in unsteady rhythm My eyes dart everywhere except at the new faces The air is crisp Carrying the aromas of people outside of the workplace My skin is cold and brittle My thoughts are consuming me I am now very small and my confidence is little. Am I just paranoid? Maybe they just see me as the new girl, but maybe it’s a good enough reason for them to be annoyed I want to prove myself here. In despair of failed attempts I stumble up to introduce myself to the new group. My supervisor greets me with a warm smile, But she’s used to it. Considering all of the new temps. I look up and glance at you. My eyes are locked. Long enough for a brief jinx before I fidget. In that moment I knew. I tried my best to deny it all. It’s my job that inappropriate! After all I have to see you everyday, things could go left and I’d be left being your work associate. Due to my luck, we were assigned together. My skin was clammy and all I could do was think about how close you were. You’re touch could warm me in the coldest of weather. What in the world is wrong with me. No! You made me smile with just eye contact... How? Usually the thought of eye contact would make my eyes flee. But you made me besotted. And it scared me. I thought I had already found the one. My Mr. Perfect... But for you I wanted to risk it all. And I felt like you would too Maybe it could happen after all, and it could be worth it. I just want to be able to express myself But that means I’d have to talk to my other about a temporary split. Like a back up plan, I’d pick up that chapter of things don’t go as planned But for now it goes on the shelf. I want you badly. I’m sorry. These feelings make me feel guilty. I had something so right but not good enough You make me feel risky. I get a jolt of energy when we talk, our eyes lock, or from the sight of you. Our conversations flow so easily. Everything you said I understood and I was into. Man oh man. What is going on? You’re a strong force.

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