Your Girl
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agonzalez2 HMS ❤️🩺🥼 | Grey’s Anatomy ❤️
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A romantic poem on the stages through a relationship, and life.

Your Girl

It was the day we met, Of course I could never forget,

Your shimmering eyes, your beautiful smile, Oh, won’t you please stay for a while!

Your calming soft voice, your gentle touch, This will never be too much,

Living in the moment with you, has been the time of my life, It has been as sharp as any sword or knife,

Living along side you, as we spend our life together, I hope this moment will last forever,

And now as we picture our beautiful life in an emotional whirl, Just remember, wherever I am, where you are, I will always be, your girl...

Whatever the future comes to measure, I will be loyal and stand along side you, forever.

It’s my job after all, just like an oyster’s shimmering pearl, I will always be, your girl.

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