What it Means To Be a Best Friend
What it Means To Be a Best Friend friendship stories

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A collaboration with my best friend, Emma! @emgardner923

What it Means To Be a Best Friend

What is a best friend? This might be a bit to comprehend,

Someone who lifts you when you fall, And will be holding you through it all,

Someone who will be there with you no matter what, A bond that is clear-cut,

When the sky is falling, You’ll hear your best friend calling,

When the circumstances worsen, Just know, I will always be your person,

I’ll do all that I can, through the end, That’s what it means to be a friend,

And as months bleed into years, And our worries are replaced with fears,

I’ll be your best friend, and you’ll be mine, For best friends like you, are so hard to find.

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