Burning, burning, gone...
Burning, burning, gone... earth stories

agonzalez2 HMS ❤️🩺🥼 | Grey’s Anatomy ❤️
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We need to fix this. Everyone can make a difference.

Burning, burning, gone...

Where a fire burns, A sort-of gloom returns,

Where the flames blaze, For days upon days,

Where the trees fall down, Where we stare at, and frown,

And to think, this could be upon us, We could’ve started this regardless,

Of whether or not we took part, So on that, we need to start,

We need to start cleaning up the earth, Before something else gets hurt,

We need to clean up our oceans, Before we cause more commotion,

We have less than 7 years to fix our mistakes, Before we start more disasters like earth quakes,

We’re already falling into the 6th mass-extinction the earth has seen, And it is not a beautiful scene,

But we can fix this, if we all do our part, To make earth like it was, from the start.

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