A Test of Love
A Test of Love love stories

agonzalez2 HMS ❤️🩺🥼 | Grey’s Anatomy ❤️
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If it doesn’t seem healthy, chances are, it isn’t.

A Test of Love

“I love you...” “I love you too...”

Very generic, not enthusiastic, does he still love me? Should I wait for him, or set myself free?

Love is full of twists and turns, It is full of hurt, but he always learns,

I may not be the most patient, the most kind, or the most beautiful, But I know he loves me, and he wouldn’t cause any trouble,

Or so I thought...

I thought you loved and cared for me, I thought you wanted to spend your life with me,

Well ask that girl in the silk with her lipstick smeared lips, For you have started my heart’s eclipse,

And now as I write to you a decade later, I now have a new life, husband, and kids, And as god forbids,

You to love once more, My life has just begun, while yours in the other hand, is done for.

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