This is what love feels like
This is what love feels like stories

agirlwithagun Community member
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You sit in front of me With the sunlight dancing across your skin

This is what love feels like

You sit in front of me

With the sunlight dancing across your skin

You're like a prism

With all of these colors reflecting off of your soul

White for the purity of your love for me

Red for all our fogged up windows

Orange for the warmth you have like the coffees we drink when the winter chill gets to us

Yellow for the happiness you bring to me

Green for our spring time picnics and all the laughter that comes with them

Blue for the peace your soul brought mine

Violet for the devotion we have to each other and the abundance of magic you've brought to me

And finally

Black because that's what all of these colors are mixed together

The black that refracts doesn't represent despair or emptiness

There is no more of that

It represents the vastness of the time we have in front of us

It's merely a blank canvas for us to paint with every color that we can think of

Cobalt for the day we graduate

Beige for our first home

Champagne for the day we become engaged

Lilac for our wedding day

Grey for the fog of England

Powder blue for our little girl

Navy for our baby boy

Sea green for our beach house

This doesn't include all of the colors in between

Cause our lifetime of colors will be broader than any rainbow of any universe or dimension

I love you, baby

And I always will

Even when our colors fade.

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