The skeleton of the giant will keep me rich.
The skeleton of the giant will keep me rich.  more metaphors stories

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Don't worry about skeletons, statistically speaking, it gets replaced every 10 years.

The skeleton of the giant will keep me rich.

There's always so much I can sell when in a pinch.

It always amazes me how much people are willing to pay. But I'm glad, more profit for me!

Today the skeleton of the giant has lost another link. It hurt a little to see it's size shrink.

But it's ok! I impressed a merchant and made a new friend. And I got a little something extra that can be used as replacement.

Today the skeleton's bone got sanded, the thing was too big for my newest consumer.

Now the skeleton of the giant is a little disjointed, but that's fine, one can barely see it.

Ridiculous if you ask me, it's part of a giant, of course it'll be big.

But it's ok! I got a new friend and somthing to replace what was given.

Soon enough I became known for the skeleton of the giant. Not for showing it, but for trading it.

Countless people came to me: merchants, conservationists, onlookers. But the worst of them all were the robbers.

Those came and took a piece of the skeleton of the giant. Whitout me knowing something was missing until it was too late.

Now there's a lot of empty spots where pieces of my skeleton used to be.

But I kept trading and meeting new people who, sometimes filled those spots.

Today I sat and looked at the skeleton of the giant. It doesn't look like one anymore. There's not much left of what it originally was.

Mismatched pieces here and there. I can no longer remember what it used to look like... What was the first part I replaced?

Today I'm guarding the last piece of the skeleton of the giant. A tiny, inconspicuous part of the skull.

But I can see my parents struggling. And I know I can help if I sell the last part of my skeleton of the giant...

Today there's no more skeleton of a giant. There's nothing left of me.

But it's ok, isn't it? After all, I can always start selling my newest find, the skeleton of a shadow.

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