When snow falls
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agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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When snow falls, I will remember you.

When snow falls

by agapik9

All these small snow crystals falling on my hands,

They remind me so much of you.

So soft, so cold.

They melt after a while, just as you did.

I never thought you would leave like this.

Like a fierce river rushing to the ocean.

Every time a tear falls, I scream.

A scream that echoes all around me, ruthless and pained.

Why did you lie?

Why did you leave me?

You said we would grow old together.

We would cry and laugh as seasons passed.

We would play with the snow once winter came.

And yet winter has come, the first crystals are falling and you are nowhere and everywhere.

When someone dies, who do they become?

Are you the wind that silently blows?

Are you here with me?

Are you this snow crystal that dances in front of me?

You said we would be together.

You lied. Such a cruel lie.

You're dead.

Are you still here, though?

Are you still here with me? Are you an angel, up there?

Every night I'll whisper goodnight at the stars hoping you'll hear.

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