The Art Of Remembering {Part 2 of 'Remember Me' Series}
The Art Of Remembering {Part 2 of 'Remember Me' Series} together stories

agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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Celine remembered. But was it really for the best?

The Art Of Remembering {Part 2 of 'Remember Me' Series}

by agapik9

I felt like my heart was a wilted flower. It hurt.

It hurt so badly. He died, he is dead... Reece is dead, and I'm here, alive and breathing, while he cannot even open his eyes anymore.

Hey, open your eyes. Hey, don't leave me alone.

I didn't even know who it was I was talking to. Maybe I begged, I begged God to give him back and take me instead. I want to hold your hand tight, like before.

I close my eyes, I feel dizzy.

'Reece... Are you happy there? Is it beautiful there? Won't you take me?'

'Reece...Do you remember?'

Do you remember the day it happened? The day you died, and I was left alone? I do... And I wish I didn't.

The day the sky came down to meet us.

The day you lost control of the car, and we fell into the cliff. I could hear our bones crack, I saw you lying there, a bloody rag doll with broken limbs.

And before I lost consciousness, I held you tight.

So tight...

Hey Reece...Is our unborn daughter with you?

Because she is not here. The emptiness and loneliness consumes me.

I hope you take care of her.

You would have been the best daddy, with your goofy smiles, and all your kisses and hugs. She is lucky to be there with you.

Kiss her goodnight for me, every night, will you?

I will send my wishes to the stars I can see, hoping you are there.

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