Shards of Time
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agapik9 Greek/ 20/ Physics Major
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You can't just fly leaving me behind.

Shards of Time

by agapik9

I want to touch you so badly.

But you always run away, you leave me behind.

You run towards a blinding light.

Why do you insist on chasing death so badly?

I try again and again to turn back time.

A curse I am forced to live with since young.

In order to save you, I will do anything.

That's why I play with time, a dangerous game. Time is like fire, it burns you silently.

For you to escape your fateful decision.

For you to not fly.

I don't know why I have this power.

And I don't want to know.

All I want is for you to live on and not jump off.

Because you might be an angel that fell on earth but...

You can't just grow wings like that.

And I will struggle as hard as I can.

I will turn back time a million times.

I will suffer the scars on my body every time I go back.

If only you were to stop flying....

I would hold you as tight as I could, and kiss your hair gently goodnight, knowing that the time would continue to flow, with you waking up next to me early in the morning.

But, again you fly.

I see your hair dancing with the wind as you jump.

I extend my hand to touch you,

but all I feel is a silent mourning air.

My head starts to hurt, and the world twists and turns.

I am back in time again. Five days previous to your death.

"Ariadne", I whisper and you turn to me.

I have seen that smile a thousand times, I know it's fake and pained.

So trust me when I say I will save you in the end.

Because however many times I need to go back, I will always cut your wings and keep you down.

In order for me to save you...

Time flows backwards again.

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