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agapik9Greek/ 18/ Physics
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A blurb of a soon to be available novel on Wattpad. Still working on it though-haha. I would love to hear your opinions on it!

Mirror Lake

by agapik9

He had a secret.

She was an open book.

A day is enough to change their lives.

When they meet, it's like fire and water clashing.

He teaches her how to live.

She teaches him how to continue to breathe.

They were no more than two crazy teenagers.

But they have a story to tell.

The boy who is slowly dying...

And the girl that is condemned to spend her life under the cold waters of Mirror Lake.

This is the blurb of a soon-to-be-available on Wattpad novel

You can follow me to be sure not to lose any updates, and maybe check out the book I'm currently working on, The Time Traveller. @AgapiK9

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