The Cursed. by @afreenfatima
The Cursed.

by @afreenfatima horror stories

afreenfatima 17year old,Mind filled with trashy ideas
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Make no noise,
For the sounds attract them....

The Cursed. by @afreenfatima

Make no noise, For the sounds attract them... Who are they, She said. The cursed, I said.

They remain hidden in the shadows, They creep behind our backs... They turn farms And meadows, Into barren,bloody lands...

What are they, She said. The Zombies, I said.

They are contagious, Brain dead parasites. They fear not water, Nor heights In their pursuit of flesh, To bite....

Why are they like that, She said. Because they are damned from Hell, I said.

They are hungry, Thirsty for your blood, And flesh... They hunt,be it night Or day. So remember,be quiet For it keeps them at bay..

Because when they find you, They will tear you to your core. Do not expect mercy, my dear, For it is a tale of Gore.

They will skin you alive, Chew your flesh with sickening sounds. They will make you like them, The Cursed, The Damned, The Hell Hounds...

Do you fear them, She said. Why would I not, My dear? For I have felt their teeth, Slowly sinking in my skin....

She screamed I smiled.....

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