Sigmon and Kori
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A story about two friends and their adventures

Sigmon and Kori

It was a sweet summer day in Kori's town. Kori was the youngest lad of Mr. And Mrs. Delmiths.

He was a cute kid, soft spoken and shy, in heavy contrast with his two older brothers, who were loud and wild. He had a best friend named Sigmon.

The two 12 year olds were that day playing under the setting sun, when suddenly Sigmon saw something descending from the sky.

It was low key a UFO shaped object, just a little more beautiful and curvy. The two kids, more intrigued than ever, ran to the site of landing of the UFO.

A sticky slime like purple substance was slowly seeping out of the object's opening.

Now Kori, being the sweetheart that he was, suggested that they should first tell their parents about this discovery before doing anything else.

But of course mischievous Sigmon couldn't stand that and convinced naive Kori to accompany him in touching the mysterious fluid.

But neither of the two could have ever thought that this fluid was none other than the blood of an ancient alien race whose inhabited planet had been destroyed by a huge solar flare,

thereby sweeping out the entire population. They didn't know this, not until a few days later when both kids started showing extraordinary abilities like superhuman speed and strength.

But they were just kids, so they didn't think much of it and spent their childhood days having fun with their newfound powers, and somehow managed to keep it a secret.

Even now, after 15 years of that incident, when Sigmon and Kori have become a married couple and live in a nice apartment in the city with a cute dog,

no one can tell that they are any different from the rest. Also no one knows anything about the two veiled heroes who protect the city from notorious intergalactic thieves and criminals.

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