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afreenfatima 17year old,Mind filled with trashy ideas
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We may forget the dead,
But the dead never forget us.

Scratch,scratch By @afreenfatima

At around midnight when Lucy was trying to wrap her mind in the blanket of dreams,a scratching sound behind her door woke her up.

She thought it was her dog Pawter,the fourth member in her family of three. So she threw the comforter off her petite frame,and got out of the bed to tend to her beloved pet.

When she opened the door,she saw two red beady eyes staring at her in the suffocating darkness.

The owner of the two haunting eyes was indeed her dog,but it was different. Pawter's whole body was bent at an impossible angle,and it was standing on two horribly deformed legs.

Lucy was petrified as she watched the ungodly body of her dog come inside her room and sit just on the edge of her bed,never breaking eye contact in the process.

She screamed at the top of her lungs,to which her parents came running into their ten year old daughter's room,aiming to relieve her of her distress.

Lucy stuttered,not in any way capable of talking as she was stunned due to fear. So she just pointed her finger in Pawter's direction, confused as to why her parents were not noticing the monster sitting on the edge of her bed,staring unblinkingly at her.

But no matter how much she pointed or screamed,her parents worriedly said the same thing each time; "Oh Lucy,baby girl,what are you talking about?"

"Pawter's been dead for six years baby,you had been only four when he was killed in the car accident."

So no one knew the dread Lucy was suffering,as she and only she,saw her ghoulish dog come and sit on the edge of her bed, At the same hour, Every night.

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