My dear brother, Siren... by @afreenfatima
My dear brother, Siren...

by @afreenfatima horror stories

afreenfatima 17year old,Mind filled with trashy ideas
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Fear is necessary, for who knows what creatures lurk in the shadows....

My dear brother, Siren... by @afreenfatima

Siren was such a sweet boy, so smart and compassionate at his age of 13 years.

So I couldn't, really couldn't believe when I found him sitting alone in the basement closet, drinking a dark maroon liquid, our dead cat Mosley lying dead at his feet.

We stared at each other, me with eyes wide open and mouth agape, him with a blank look and bone chilling gaze.

I didn't notice the shadow forming behind me, or the whispers of my brother's now rotten mouth.

The last thing I remember is the sound of basement door slamming shut, locking me with my dear brother, Siren.

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