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afreenfatima 17year old,Mind filled with trashy ideas
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Who says only alcohol gets you addicted?


You know what's the most addicting thing in life ??

What gets you hooked up in the most delicious way ??

Some say it's the alcohol

The bittersweet taste

On your lips

Or the delicious burn

Of your throat

When the heavenly warmth

Reaches your deepest caverns

For some it's the pot

The dizziness

The blurred warmth

The silly giggles

The adrenaline rush

Oh someone's coming


But for me

I tell you

The most addicting thing in life

Is a Lover

Their laugh

Their habbits

The sound of their voice

Nothing ever sounds as nice

The feel of their touch

On your skin

In your hair

On your lips

What is it, if not an addiction?

The way they say your name

Or the way they react to your jokes

The comfort they provide

They give you a place to hide

From all the evils

Of this world

But just as all good things come to an end

They leave you with a broken heart

That can't be mend

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