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#SomeMoments, started by @notsugarcoating. (:


Hey! So, I finally got around to continuing with the hashtag #SomeMoments started by @notsugarcoating (who, by the way, is like the nicest and most awesome person ever). So I guess here's my two cents. C: (If you want to join in, feel free! Full information is on @notsugarcoating 's #SomeMoments post.

Seeing snow for the first time, quite recently. Going skiing while there. :D (It was great fun. I fell over 8071263 times and got up on my own like 5 times, but flying downwards was worth the pain.)

Celebrating my 7th birthday in the USA. Going to Disneyland there, twice, as well as Universal Studios. (No, I don't live in the US. That's why it's such a big deal for me.)

Saying to someone's face, "why do you hate me?" (It ended well, in the long run. I know I could never muster the courage to say that to someone anymore. I'm glad little me did it.)

Reconciling with that same person. (After the young-and-naive-kid drama, we actually became pretty good friends again. She wasn't as mean as I'd remembered.)

Watching the 'Handlebars' music video by Flobots. (That's honestly, imho, THE most gut-wrenching video on YouTube in the history of ever. There are so many subtle signs and hidden hints. It's ridiculously intricate, and unfathomably powerful.)

Signing up for debate as a freshie in highschool, without having ever debated before. (It went well. When people tell you "try new things !1!1 You never know until you try ! !11" there is actually truth to that. I love debate now, but I would've missed out on it had I not tried.)

Auditioning for the tenor voice part in girl's Barbershop, and making it in as a baritone. (I was shocked. Like, really shocked. I'm a soprano, and had fully expected to be a tenor... but tbvh, baritone's cool too. You get the most unusual parts, which is actually something I'm proud of.)

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