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Alarm goes off. I do not care I want to stay in bed


Alarm goes off. I do not care

I want to stay in bed

A million thoughts start racing

Filling up my head

"Do this. Do that." my mother says.

As soon as I awake

I know when I go out

A smile I will fake

She can't see inside of me

She probably doesn't know

Days there are too many thoughts

That cause me to be slow

First thing in the morning

I have trouble thinking straight

And yet she asks so much of me

And tells me "don't be late."

The pressure is on, I cannot think

As I head to class after class

Teachers expect so much of me

I can only go so fast.

It's almost three and time to go

I keep staring at the clock

The biggest noise I hear:

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Finally it's time to be at home

I'm ready to relax

But chores are waiting for me

Those are just the facts.

No quiet place exists for me

It's always noisy here

I wish for just some solitude

So my thoughts will clear.

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