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She showed me love, but it fell through for us. Fortunately, I now possess a true love because I've learned about myself through it all. Lots of cloud talk :P


From the clouds, you tore me down

I was scared and had never seen another world like your own

I cried, and I moaned to be home

To be where I've known

Blissful in the clouds, I was

And utterly oblivious to my own self hindered security I am lucky, and appreciative to that security's brevity

I'd been afloat for such a long time, and now I can teach others survival in any sea, from experience that is all mine But

Keep in mind, that to really fly,

Your self must be grounded!

The profound: it confounds the passion in your spirit, belittling your crown

Like yin and yang, you've to know the ground to know the sky

Only those that have been low, can know the sincerity in reaching high

Really, really, high

You've been patient and giving

You've showed me the true nature of living

You're the reason my mind no longer searches:

no longer feels suspended in vacant urges

I flew the clouds, a native to heights of physical presence

You helped me down, showed me a heaven on Earth in all its true essense

You've turned me into a man, and now I can prosper so righteously proud. Life is always new, yet we constantly flow with the crowds. Freedom for all, is what the earth has endowed and unpredictably, for me...

The ground has become more sacred than the clouds

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