Her pt.6 (My life, my love.)
Her pt.6 (My life, my love.) stories

aero_88Hurt soul. Stuff gets better, eventually
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I love her. Hope this was the best of the saga. Let me know your opinions

By: Me, Anthony.

Her pt.6 (My life, my love.)

by Me, Anthony.

Her part 6.

The right to my left twix.

Part 6; 6 months on the 6th day a princess was born.

Without her in my life, all I'd do is mourn.

Perfection. I'm blinded by her deception.

Her part 6.

Beauty from the hips to the lips.

What else makes her perfect?

It's really a mystery.

Indescribable feelings I cannot express.

Her in person?

MY ray of sunshine

I could drop dead but her presence will revive me.

Her part 6,

I thank god for throwing me into the best mix

A big reason my life is paradise.

For her, it's worth the sacrifice.

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