Her pt.4
Her pt.4  stories

aero_88Hurt soul. Stuff gets better, eventually
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Hope you love it how I love "her"

Her pt.4

Her part 4.

So gorgeous I dropped to the floor.

Je t'aime, mi amor.

It's really hard to believe

I was blessed with an angel.

No matter what, I'm staying faithful.

She could never be trash. Always treasure.

For me and me only though.

Agh. Such perfection

Please let me keep it 'till times of retrospection.

I out of all people don't deserve her.

Call me a dark rose shrouded by Douglas firs.

Even with all those odds, I still want to be victor.

My queen, my princess. My world. My life.

I want this win even when I'm in the afterlife.

Her pt.4. I'm right on the other end of the door.

Even though she doesn't know the half of it...

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