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Hello everyone this was a prompt that one of my creative writing classes presented, you had to finish a story with one of the chosen lines. I chose "Foreman likes to hoist the new ones up, see what they're made of." then build a story of of that line. Nothing crazy but I had a lot of fun with it so I decided to go ahead and post it here.

Writing Prompt 1

Foreman likes to hoist the new ones up, see what they're made of. Iron bound chains burned into my wrist as I was hoisted into the sand pit.

The sand biting into my knees as I'm forced to the ground. Coarse sand surround me. Sand that smelled of dry blood. The landscape bloated with stains of forgotten crimson.

This used to be a place of honor and ancient coliseum where warriors fought to the death for honor and pride. Now it's just another desecrated ruin taking over by false idols playing at godhood.

“Well, well, well what do we have here boys? Another disciple praying to joining our brotherhood.” Staring into his tiny beady eyes I could only see cruelty.

A small smirk began to spread across my face.

“Brotherhood huh. your nothing more than a bunch of two-bit bandits playing pretend. And I promise you once I get out of these chains, I'm going to personally see you rot in the warden's jail.

” with lose words I saw his beady eyes flash with anger. He waved to the guards on the sides of the iron doors barring my escape.

With a signal and a hand motion a brass key flies into the sand next to me.

“To your feet heretic. Let's hope you live up to your brash words.”

The sound of rising chains to my left and right catches my attention. The ground started to shake beneath my feet.

Little bits of blood-stained sand began to dance across the ground, sounding a warning of some incoming threat.

Without waiting I jump straight for the key grabbing it just seconds before it was swallowed underneath the growing sand.

Struggling to get my bindings free, I could see a large shape taking form beneath the sand. With a snap the chains fall from my wrists leaving a fleeting sense of relief.

Relief that soon became overwhelmed by sheer panic as the shape beneath the sand began to circle around me.

Then nothing the ground settles and the sand stops its dance. Frantically trying to calm my mind I stretched out my senses, trying to get a bead on whatever was hunting me now.

Silence, still silence the only sound my breath breaking through this still silence. Then with a cacophonous roar the beast leaps out of the ground its claws inches from my throat.

It resembled a large dog with black beady eyes, but its claws were shaped and elongated like that of a mole. Its skin made of a black chitin like substance.

Its beady eyes were filled with a fierce intelligence, this was a predator and I was no more than prey in its eyes.

I desperately attempted to dodge past its attacks each one striking closer to a vital point. With a gasp and a sudden shifting of the sand beneath my feet I fall on my back.

Waiting not a moment the beast lunges forward its claws outstretched and ready to tear the flesh from my bones. Rolling forward at the last minute I jump back onto my feet.

Winching from pain, I see a large bloat of crimson flowing down my chest. It seems that one mistake was all it needed. One look and I could tell I would get no more second chances.

Taking up a stance and centering my being, I ready myself for the fight ahead

“C'mon you overgrown mutt let's dance” those words were met with a loud earth shattering roar and the crack of my fist across its jaw.

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