Unsaid Feelings
Unsaid Feelings poetry stories

aeon343 Searching for the words to save my soul.
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Unsaid feelings can burst forth at the worst of times.

Unsaid Feelings

This pounding red pushing my heart to its limit.

The shaking of my hands fueled by boiling blood.

My eye's grow dark and I lose my self.

I become something else.

A storm tearing apart the world.

Desecration raining down an injustice to the innocent around me.

Dark thoughts consume my once gentle soul.

A monster?

A man?

I no longer remember where one begins and the other ends.

This feeling that retched control from my soul.

This cloud of evil that governs my thoughts.

Till I crave nothing.

But to destroy you which I held so dear

Am I a man?

Or am I a monster?

Yet nothing more than a puppet lost.

A beast screaming out at no one in particular.

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