The Labyrinth Part 1
The Labyrinth Part 1 stories

aeon343 Searching for the words to save my soul.
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What was lost can be found again in The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth Part 1

He stands there obstructed by shadow the only noticeable thing I can see is a bloody cleaver blood dripping off splashing on to the floor below drip drip drip every droplet sends another wave

of terror into my heart drip drip drip. The drops are getting louder drip drip drip there almost on top of me now. Silence the dripping had stopped.

Gathering my fragile courage I made a beeline for the large metal door at the end of the room.

Crap it was locked or maybe even rusted shut in fact the whole room I was in was covered in grime and blood red rust.

I slammed my entire weight against the door but to no avail, this damnable door was just too solid. I had to think that maniac could come back any second.

I tried to remember how i even got here but nothing could come to mind. The only thing i remember is waking up in this room with that man watching me from afar.

If i couldn't go this way i would have no choice but to go back. Sighing to myself i realized that must be why he stopped he must have set this whole thing up.

I was just his plaything a toy to break but I'll show him.

I don't know where this determination came from i couldn't even remember my name but for some reason, i was certain i could take whatever game this monster wanted to play.

So I turn a fire in my gut and match forward back to the end of the opposite room. With each step, i took i hear it those drops drip drip drip. Getting louder with each step drip drip drip.

Final I saw him just standing there looking like he hadn't moved a muscle. I cautiously approached but he didn't even react almost like he couldn't see me.

As I got closer I got my answer as to why the man had been dead the words "come find me" carved into his chest with an arrow of blood pointing to a decrepit staircase towards the back of

the room. With no other options, I head toward the stairs heading down slowly but surely.

Taking it one step at a time heading deeper and deeper underground till i arrived at a metal door illuminated by a single lamp. A static voice booms though unseen intercoms.

"So you've arrived huh?" I asked "who are you"followed by "where am i" but I received no answer just the sound of the door unlocking.

Sighing to myself figuring I've got no choice but to move forward I step through the door. I immediately came to regret that decision as I fell straight down screaming along the way.

Images flash down the walls murders of unfathomable violence. The evilest and vile images assaulted my vision.

Still falling down and down faster and faster this was hell I had opened a door to hell I could barely think as my thoughts began to fade.

The last thing I felt was fears grip squeezing my heart as I had finally come to the end.

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