The Desert Wind Pt.2
The Desert Wind Pt.2 stories

aeon343 Searching for the words to save my soul.
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Good evening this one was really fun. We were tasked in class with writing a short story and this ended up being my first draft. Let me know what you think. Though unfortunately it was to long for the site so I had to split it into two parts.

The Desert Wind Pt.2

“Well that’s one way to do it Maggy dear. Though I never thought you the type.”

“Shut up there wasn’t much choice. This is better for her.” Looking down at her all I could see was the past victims. No push them out now's not the time.

“Take her to the infirmary now.” Chymes voice changing once again direction the guards out of there stupor. “And now I'm afraid we need someone to take care of her any volunteer. Anyone at all.

” No one responded to Chymes their faces turned to the side unable or unwilling to help. Not that I could blame them one touch of the infected blood would spread the disease.

Only those that had been infected before where immune to the spread of infection. Even here the reputation of the disease had spread warning those of interactions with those infected.

“I'll do it. I'll be the one to save her.” looking straight into Chymes eyes with as much determination as I could muster. He looked back matching my gaze causing the seconds to become minutes.

Making time crawl forward before he responded.

“Hmm very well Maggy dear but be warned. If she escapes your care, we won't have a choice. Well stop the infection with any mean necessary.

Regardless of your feelings” his tone taking on the dark meaning behind his heavy words. Letting me know just how serious he was.

“I'm not going to let that happen you hear me.” Unable to keep the anger out of my voice as I storm off to the infirmary. Once out of sight panic overtakes me.

My breathing gets heaving the breath pounding into my chest. Falling to my knees the world spinning around me. “No No NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

” Barley able to hold back tears I slump against the cold stone wall. “Breath just breath just breath.

” Each second taking an eternity but eventually the panic ceased my breathing calming and the world retuning to what it once was.

Rising up I rush toward the infirmary once again hesitating at the door. No matter what I have to save her. I will change things this time it will be different.

With resolved renewed I push the curtain aside revealing the infirmary. By far the largest room usually fully of patients from all over.

Beds lined up row after row a sea of blue sheets and white pillows. Its proper rows bring order to a chaotic world.

Now the infirmary lies empty except for a single bed near the back where the old woman laid. Stepping forward I began my normal procedure. A process I had watched my master do a million times.

I watched till all the steps lay engraved in my brain. An engraved path for life to thrive. Taking vitals, drawing blood, and doing my best to drain the black sickness from her veins.

I did every type of treatment my master had showed me. I used everything in my power to heal her, toiling minutes turned to hours.

I stayed working till the sun it self-found rest behind the horizon line, Swapping its duty with the moon.

Sweat dripping from my brow, my once white overcoat stained black from her infected blood, I lean back into a nearby stool. I've done what I can.

It's up to her now weather or not she would wake. Her will to live would decide how this story ends. The hours turned into days each one dwindling that small spark of hope.

Every day I stayed by her side talking to her begging her to wake up.

“You know I've been were you were before. I spent at least a week recovering from my infection.” Staring down at her face doing my best to stem her ever growing fever.

“I remember it well the pain you feeling. You wonder if life is worth it. If there's even a reason to go on. I don’t know if you can hear me but you need to know it's not your fault.

No matter what you think you can't blame yourself for what the disease made you do. I'm sure your loved ones wouldn’t want that for you.

” Squeezing her hand, I spent the rest of the week by her side telling her of my past.

“I lost my hometown to the disease that now rakes your body. The people I grew up around all turned on one another slaughtering each other without remorse.

They were no more than lifeless puppets.” Looking down at her face once again trying to find any sense of recognition any hint that she could hear me.

“My best friend Aaron he... he got caught up by a group of them they were going to kill him. I grew up without a family an orphan born into this world with no one at my side except for him.

Some bratty kid always looking for a fight. ” Laughing out loud at the memory I push forward changing her stained bandages.

Hesitating on the next words, that cold feeling from the back of my mind surfacing again. “It's ok, it's going to be ok.” My expression softening on her face.

She looked old and weather a life built in the desert. She had crow's feet under each eye reminding me of the nice woman who ran the orphanage.

The one all the children called granny much to her ire.

Finally, after a week of long intense care her eyes once again sputtered open.

“Where... where, am I? Who are you?” Panic taking full force in her voice as she rose up trying to get out of bed.

Rushing forward I put both hands on her shoulders and slowly push her back into her bed.

“Shh. You're still recovering you need to calm down. You at the Academy and my name is Magnus. Do you remember how you got here?” Doing my best to soften my voice and calm her nerves.

I scan her face as the memories come crashing back. Tears welling in her eyes she began to weep. Sobbing into her hand I could barely make out the word's son and daughter.

Unable to bear it any longer I wrap my arms around her. Still sobbing into my chest, she doesn't deny the embrace.

“I've been where you are now, I can heal the disease but not the pain that’s leftover. Shh just get it out, its ok now. It's all going to be ok.

” Holding her close just like my master had done to me before. I held her until her tears stopped and she fell back into slumbers comfort.

“Well I guess you do have a heart Maggy. I didn't know you could get so intimate.” Chymes stood at the door of the infirmary now spouting a dark blue lipstick and silver earrings.

Black eyeliner bringing out the pop in his eyes. He steps forward. “Good job Maggy dear she seems to be cured. Most hardly survive the first couple of hours.

“I remember it you know. I remember what it was like to lose control. It still haunts my mind I can remember the blood that was spilt at my hands.

I remember my friends tears as I approached blade in hand. Chymes I....I can't stand this.

” Tears overtaking my eyes I couldn’t stand it any longer I don’t know whether it was seeing the same disease that haunted my childhood or finally telling someone of my past.

The dam just broke as I fell to my knee's tears spilling down my face mixing with sweat and exhaustion of the trial I had just been through. It was then that Chymes surprised me.

He put his hand on my shoulders his expression the softest I had ever seen it.

“We can heal the disease my dear Magus but the heart. The heart my dear will only heal with time. Look at what you’ve done, without your help she would have most certainly perished.

You saved her. Magnus no matter what never forget that fact.”

Standing up to face him his words reminded me of the words my master left me. The last bit of wisdom she left me before she disappeared across the horizon. “Time heals the heart huh.

I think I get it now. You know you really remind me of her Chymes.” A wicked grin spreads across his face as he drapes his arm over my shoulder.

“Well that’s because we studied under the same teacher dear Maggy.” He laughed at my face all a gasp at the revelation.

He then took his leave his silver earrings dancing to the sound of the wind as they passed by. Looking down at the old woman and toward the sound of Chymes departure my resolve cemented.

My decision made.

“Wait Chymes, wait up” I yell chasing after him “Come back and explain yourself. Damn it Chymes stop running.

” Finally, I could understand the meaning behind my master's words as I ran through that color filled courtyard the flower brought to dance with the winds kiss,

through the brown stone walls that filled with life and purpose. The dorms containing bright young doctors filled with expectations. The lecture halls that burst with knowledge and lessons.

As my voice gets carried by the ever-present wind. I think for the first time I really understood what my master meant all those years ago. I can finally see the gift she left me. Hope

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