The Adventure Of Mangus
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The Adventure Of Mangus

"Shit, Shit I've got to keep running" I can hear it behind me lumbering into the boxes and barrels lining the small alleyway.

My breath pounding in my lungs as I run, jumping over boxes and dodging trash piles. My feat sinking into the sand as I run, slowing my progress.

That "thing" comes lumbering around the corner, leaving a wake of destruction behind it.

Not wasting any time with dodging, it barrels through the boxes send bits of wood and trash flying through the air. Coming across a small opening in-between two buildings I dart inside.

Pushing my way back as far as I can go. Just in time as the creature comes smashing into one of the sides of the building. Leaving a giant crack running up the building.

The impact shook the ground as the beast fell on to its side. Seeing my chance, I dash out of the crevice and dart down into another gap between buildings.

This one opening up into an adjacent alleyway closed off at both ends by large wooden gates.

As I ran, I meet its eyes for just a moment and fear griped my heart. Its eyes tiny beading black eyes belaying a raging fury behind a large set face.

Its chins layering down its neck with it muscles bulging out grotesquely. It had a huge line of stitching down its belly from an old wound.

Its large frame both fat and muscular casting a dark shadow across the ground blocking the only exit out of the alley.

It lets out a large bellow, the sound from its roar shaking the very ground beneath my feet. The monster was making its intentions for me very clear.

Ducking farther back behind a corner and holding my breath pulling my coat close to my chest.

A soft velvety voice creeps into my mind "well it doesn't possess much of a vocabulary does it dear?"

"Not now Samoon I need to focus." Closing my eyes and trying my best to calm the pounding in my heart "Hey what's it doing now Samoon? Take a look for me".

With a small chuckle and a tiny gust of wind a floating almost transport mist appears before me

"Well dear if you want something, shouldn't you say please". I swore I could see a smirk in the floating air ahead of me.

"Fine Samoon. Please spy on that horrible monstrosity before it finds me and rips my arms off" The mist begins to float up kicking up some dust around me

"I don't know if that was very sincere dear. You may need to try again this time say pretty please." I gave her a cold glare in response.

"Fine my dear, Mangus I'll be back in just a moment" and with that the mist floats up past the buildings soaring almost out of sight.

After a few seconds her velvety voice creeps into my mind once again.

"It's just kind of rampaging. It doesn't seem to have noticed your hiding place just yet." A loud smash close by suddenly catches my attention.

Closing my eyes and focusing on willing her back to my side Samoon's mist form floats down back towards me.

" Well see a way out of this mess Samoon?" the mist floats back lying in the air in a relaxed manner

"Unfortunately, not my dear that thing seems to be quite relentless, and your choice of path has backed us into a literal and figurative corner. she looks down towards me with a smile.

"It's a shame you can't fly darling."

Rubbing the bridge between my nose I let out a huge lengthy sigh. Taking off my glasses, I begin to methodically clean the dust and smudges from the lens. Something just doesn't make sense.

"Something stinks here Samoon" replacing my glasses back to my face "let me go over this one more time, we were supposed to meet Aaron at the inn, right?"

"Yes, that's correct." The mist looks with a quizzical expression towards me "Mangus just what are you getting at."

"What I'm getting at is this, we get to the inn and Aarons a no-show, just that thing waiting for us. I'm starting to think we were set up".

Turning around I peek my head around the corner scanning the alleyway. I can still see the beast rummaging into the garbage looking for its prey. I have to find a way out of here.

There has to be a way. Something I'm just not seeing. How am I, supposed to get past that thing?

My hands begin to shake and my body breaks out into a cold sweat, pins dancing across my skin. Sinking towards the ground, I clutch my chest and rest my head against the stone wall.

The heat from the stone permeating into my skull. Looking up into the sky I close my eyes and focus, tying my best to drown it all out.

Pushing everything else but the task at hand out of mind, my beating heart began to calm. Looking up towards the sky always did seemed to calm me down. Closing my eyes again, I began to plan. I heard her voice enter my mind once more.

"So, we were betrayed then. Your saying that he sent a beast, and hoped it would take us out for him".

Her head tilts to one side "what makes you say that dear, we don't have much evidence to support that?"

Meeting what I assumed was her eyes "It's the only thing that makes sense."

"He always struck me as sketchy, plus the fact that the beast is only chasing us and hasn't attack anyone else is quite strange." Slapping my hands against my knees, I rise up to my feet.

I begin to dust my white lab coat off; I could hear its loud booming footsteps getting ever closer. "Well no point thinking about that now."

"If we want to make it out of this alive, were going to have to beat that thing." Pulling out my scalpel and clutching my mom's memento tight.

"You ready Samoon?" With her seductive voice the mist form caresses up my side

"I love the look of violence in your eyes dear. On three then?"

I let out a small laugh "on three". Counting down each of the booming steps. One after another, loud crashes like thunder come ever closer.

Two barrels go crashing into to the wall in front of us, scattering wood across the ground.

The beast had found us, letting out a large scream matching the beats roar we both jump out ready to face it.

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