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your sins will always find you

Sin Eater

He ran his body in a panic. With each shallow exasperated breath he took, it got closer leading him ever further to the end. Fear drove into his heart like an unwelcome parasite.

Still, he ran bumping into every corner passing each rotted wooden door. The hallway grew and grew seeming to have no end. It was only a matter of time before that thing caught up.

When suddenly a black exotic wardrobe caught his eye like a lighthouse on a rough and stormy sea. With lighting fast reflexes he jumped into the wardrobe and closed the door in one swift motion.

Peeking through a crack all he could make out in the darkness was the creature's eyes, which burned like embers of a blazing inferno. The monster inched ever closer to his hiding place.

Then nothing, it was gone vanishing into thin air.

The man took one cautious step out of the wardrobe, scanning the room for any sign of the beast that had been pursuing him so viciously earlier.

A small whimper caught his attention coming from the corner of the room. The man closed in on the noise, it was one he recognized all too well.

A victim, another of his kills, a small girl in a white bloodstained dress. He remembered It even it was so long ago his first kill.

Such a sweet morsel he just couldn't help himself and her screams were just as beautiful as he had imagined.

Seeing her again after all these years even though he knew it was impossible he still couldn't resist following.

she was the one who led him here running into the woods, and to this decayed cabin were he first encountered the beast. She was the one to blame for this hell he was in now.

He walked closer moving in with outstretched hands to tear at her throat and rip the air from her lungs.

But then more appeared out of the darkness each one wearing blood-soaked clothes, some missing fingers, and hands, trophies he had taken from them.

He turned on them screaming death threats like a wild beast. They begin to let out a blood-curdling scream like a loud crescendo attacking his mind.

The screams tore into his brain as he began to experience every bit of agony he had put them though. Every evil thing he had done was paid back tenfold.

He crumpled to the floor, now a broken man tears welling in his eyes. The little girl approached him as he begged for it to stop for it all to end.

The last thing he saw was two red eyes burning in the night.

It had claimed him like so many others and it will continue to punish those that deserve it, after all, there is no escaping your sins.

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