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aeon343 Searching for the words to save my soul.
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Love in every word

My Song

Listen to the beat of my song its lyrics are the words from my soul.

Its rhythm matches my heart.

These words I send to you in hopes of finding a match to your song.

The words I love you never spelled out so clearly.

My music is the dagger hoping to piece your heart.

When you're here with me the bass picks up and the dancers come out to play.

But when you're gone the sound fades, no music and no love.

I miss the voice in every breath you take mesmerizing me with your words.

What I have is a song and I hope one day my beat will match yours.

Someday I want to get the courage to ask for the words from your soul.

So can you hear it?

This song I've sent you wishing for your frozen heart to yield its heat to me.

The beat comes from within and its lyrics carry me to you.

I love you

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