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Never forget the voice inside

Inner Voice

Can you understand me? I talk and talk but never seem to get through. I see you every day sitting by your self just lost in the world around you.

I've watched for a while now some days you put on a smile to get through not to worry the ones around you.

Other days i watch as your retreat inside your mind to your inner sanctuary to a world of magic and wonder. a stark contrast to the world you truly see.

I see through that mask you wear to hide to coldness inside. Part of you just wants it to end to be nothing and no one but something inside of you still screams behind a locked cage.

Some part of you wants to be let out to be truly free but you hide it. You lock thoughts away, hidden behind closed doors to make sure that no one can see the real you.

I don't understand why you have to hide me I been here the whole time watching and screaming from inside. We were not born wrong yet you are ashamed of me thinking you need to silence us.

I wonder if my words even matter anymore the chains are getting looser. Every day you let that mask crumble just a little more.

And every day my voice gets a little louder and one day, I hope that you'll let it all fall away.

Somehow we will be us again so ill wait behind this cage you've placed around me whispering words into your ear.

I'll wait until your ready to stop hiding and to heed my words again, after all, we have an eternity

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